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City gearing up for public consultation on transit tunnel

In some positive transit-related news, the website for Ottawa’s new transit tunnel has launched under the cutely acronymed name of Downtown Ottawa Transit Tunnel (DOTT for short). The Citizen also has a short write-up, including a map of one of the proposed routes here.

I like the looks of the route posted in the map, which goes more or less straight across from LeBreton Flats station to Kent Street underneath Albert Street. From there, it angles north somewhat to hit Union Station and archs around to Nicholas Street before rejoining the existing Transitway right-of-way between Desmaris Hall and Taberet Hall at the University of Ottawa. The prospect of having rail transit again running through Union Station is certainly an exciting one. It could easily be connected to OC Transpo and STO bus routes running along Rideau\Wellington, and would make for a great hub for the new system.

As an aside, I’ll try to write about some non-transit related issues sometime soon, but as it’s been dominating the news lately it’s been hard to avoid focusing on transit issues.

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