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Breaking news: Strike over!

From CFRA:

“Three reliable and independent sources inside city hall tell CFRA news that negotiators representing the striking drivers, mechanics and dispatchers have agreed to end the strike and to send all matters to binding arbitration.

It is believed the resolution could pre-emp the need for an emergency debate in the House of Commons, and the need for back-to-work legislation forcing an end to the 51-day walkout.”

All I can really say about this is it’s about time. I can’t wait to see buses back on the road, especially with Winterlude and President Obama’s visit just around the corner.

EDIT: CTV is also saying it’s over. The Citizen’s David Reevely, says “close but not settled” on Twitter.



Recently, there’s been some discussion in the OC Transpo community on Livejournal regarding sidewalks, and what kind of job the city does of clearing them.

Now I’m not in Ottawa right now due to the holidays, so I can’t investigate this at all myself, but I know in the past I’ve found that some sidewalks in even heavily trafficked pedestrian areas like the Market and Sandy Hill are not properly cleared until days after a snowstorm.

So how do you find the sidewalks in winter? Does the City of Ottawa do a good job of clearing snow and ice? Poor? Maybe even a hodge-podge depending what street your on? I’m curious to know what everyone’s experiences have been, and especially how Ottawa compares with other major cities that have to deal with snow.

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