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Whither The Ottawa Project

If you’re looking at the datestamps on this blog, you have probably quite quickly realized that it is no longer active. I never really made a decision to stop posting here, but instead found that I just didn’t have the time to post regularly and was having trouble maintaining enough interest in the Ottawa Project to make it worthwhile.

But today, I decided that I should probably write this long-overdue farewell. I have every intent of leaving all of the posts I’ve made up as an archive, but in all¬†likelihood, there won’t be any further posts here (if that wasn’t already self-evident). I’m still active online, such as on my Twitter,¬†I can occasionally be found commenting on urban issues over at Open File Ottawa, and I’m in the process of getting a personal blog going as part of a requirement for a public relations class I’m taking.

Finally, if you’ve read or commented here over the time that the Ottawa Project was active, I just wanted to say “thank you.” I had a great time putting it together, and I hope that in some small way, I was able to contribute to the discussion of urban issues in Ottawa. I’m sorry that I couldn’t maintain it longer than I did, but sadly, that’s just how these things work out sometimes. So once again, thank you, readers, and if you’re still out there, I hope I see you elsewhere online.

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