Light rail on Carling, redux

As reported by Transit Ottawa, there will be no Environmental Assessment (EA) on Carling Avenue’s suitability for light rail, at least not yet.

I know I’ve come out against the Carling LRT proposal before, but after seeing the full proposal and giving it some due consideration, I’m starting to lean towards it being a good idea. I’m not 100% convinced yet, and I definitely think there would be concerns that would need to be addressed before it goes ahead, but does that mean it’s a bad idea to do an EA?

EA’s are not terribly expensive, all things considered, and when we’re talking about starting work on a project that will cost the City of Ottawa at least four billion dollars over the next twenty years, we should at least look in to every possible option. The idea of running rail along Byron Avenue was also floated (and summarily shot down, as well) which is another excellent possibility. It’s maybe not quite as well-suited for light rail as Carling, but it would connect up well with both Dominion station and Lincoln Fields station and once more, should we not just consider it? An EA doesn’t lock us into doing either option, but does give us the information we need to make an informed decision.

And informed decisions are something we’re sorely lacking in this town, sometimes.

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